Nationscup 2014

Arena Masters Spring 2014

21:17 27.05.14 - iCTF - Playoffs stage
11:36 11.05.14 - Last warning
01:35 28.04.14 - Spaire banned.
13:48 24.04.14 - Important reminder!
22:35 17.04.14 - The game starts
23:57 10.04.14 - iCTF - Groups are up


Latest News

BY: vmp   -   22:16 29.07.2014   -   Quake Live   »   Arena Master Spring 2014


I'm forcing date for final match to 5th August 2014 ( Tuesday ) at 19.30 CEST.


BY: vmp   -   21:17 27.05.2014   -   Quake Live   »   Arena Master Spring 2014

Hello world ...

We're entering Playoffs of iCTF Arena Masters 2014. First games are planned on 5th June 2014 (Thursday) @ 21:00 CET. You can see upcoming games > here <.

Quick reminder: Playoffs matches are single elimination. We play best-of-5 until the Final and 3rd Placer, then it's best-of-7.


    Ξ     Last warning    
BY: spenzer   -   11:36 11.05.2014

We already gave the clans a lot of time to get used to our rules and system but it seems some didn't read the rules at all or just don't care. So in interest of this and following cups I remind ALL clans for the last time:

1. If your team played a match and won it your have to enter the results on our page within 48 hours, otherwise defwin for the enemy

2. EVERY player must have entered his ql-auth to his profile, if he plays without it entered, defwin for the enemy

3. You team is allowed to enter 2 players before the playoffs start BUT you have to ask an admin before you do so to prevent teams in lower divisions add to high skilled players and fuck up the whole division

These are the rules most teams so far couldn't stick to. Especially in Clanarena a lot of scores wasn't entered. So this is your last chance. If missing scores won't be entered till Wednesday the 14th we will distribute delosses for the teams who missed to enter the results without exception!

Your Adminteam

BY: vmp   -   01:35 28.04.2014

Basearena staff made decision to ban Spaire from BA events after investigating him. So all games where he was participating are changed to defloss for team he was playing for.

Also we disqualify Netherlands from previous iCTF Nationscup and change final result:

iCTF NC Final results
1. Poland
2. Italy
3. Russia


Here are some vids made by Q50: #1, #2

    Ξ     Important reminder!    
BY: spenzer   -   13:48 24.04.2014

We are still in the first match-week so we know some clans might have some problems getting used to new rules but please make sure EVERY player has his QL auth entered to his account. Also remember the winning team has to enter the results after the match within 48 hours. Otherwise the punishment in both cases is a defloss!

If you reschedule your game, inform an admin and let him know. If a game is 48h behind the scheduled time and we don't have any information about it, the game will be a defloss for both teams.

Because its the first week of the cup we accept small delays but from the 2nd match-week on starting on the 29th we will punish EVERY violation of the rules strictly without exception.

Also dont forget to join before your game starts for better coordination for teams and streamers!

    Ξ     The game starts    
BY: Xer   -   22:35 17.04.2014
The signups are closed and divisions for the Arena Masters Spring 2014 are done. In the following weeks and months the clans will fight for their place in CA / TDM / CTF / iCTF. Every Team will play twice against a team in the mods CA /CTF /TDM (Double Round Robin system)
BY: vmp   -   23:57 10.04.2014   -   Quake Live   »   Arena Master Spring 2014

Groups for upcoming iCTF Arena Masters 2014 are up. We start our first games in 1 week. It will be Thursday (17.04.2014) @ 21:00 CET. Clan leaders please make sure to fill up your teams and your members have valid QL IDs.

You guys can check groups > here <.

BY: vmp   -   21:23 10.04.2014   -   Quake Live   »   Arena Master Spring 2014

Since Siberia and Troubled Waters have same amount of votes. We've decided to make 1-week-poll with only those two in it. So people, once again, vote for our final map ^_^ ( click here ).