Hogwarts Legacy official launch trailer

02/01/2023, 04:12:50 PM

The Hogwarts Legacy game is set to be released soon, and the new trailer has just been released on YouTube. The trailer shows off a stunningly detailed world with characters that feel like they have come straight out of the Harry Potter books. Players will be able to explore iconic locations from the Wizarding World and discover secrets, spells and magical creatures as they progress through the game. With the new trailer, fans of the series can get a closer look at what this immersive experience has to offer.

Explore the Magical World of Hogwarts Legacy in the New Trailer
(Image credit: Warner Bros. Games.)

The trailer shows many scenes that we already know from the Harry Potter films. Such as Screaming Mandrake or the magic leviosa, which is administered by a teacher to a debtor. There is also a scene where the protagonist is given a magic wand, which reminds us of the iconic Harry Potter scene in the Ollivander shop. To get a better idea of what the game will offer, check out the trailer on YouTube.


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